Wednesday, April 17

Terms & Conditions

IMNB NEWS AGENCY is an online information(Intelligence Investigation Journalism) agency. Which is operated through digital media. It propagates through news and advertisements, following rules in the interest of the nation and society. Whose agency charges service charges from the client.

1 is an online news agency, provides information, confidential information, public information service for a fee. At the same time, social information is transmitted through social networks.

2 In online news agency, you can broadcast the advertisement of your product by paying the prescribed fee. Your advertisement should be worth broadcasting in society. Children under the age of 18 can also see that advertisement.

3 Online news agency works with the information revolution. Promotes your advertisement through email, mobile and other social media. Reject any illegal and illegal item in the advertisement

4 Government and semi-government departments of online news agency can also avail service by collecting service fee for information collection. The objective of the news agency is to conduct news and truth analysis.

5 online news agency appoints communication heads in the country and all its states to collect information and advertisements.
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6 The online agency performs service in accordance with the rules of the Indian Constitution. It does not broadcast any information contrary to the Constitution. Does not have any connection with the company engaged in any illegal act.

7 online news agency also provides daily newsletter, monthly, partisan newspapers, private TV channels, news portal for information, photo graphs, video service charges. The online news agency receives service fees for its services through its bank. Whose Rasheed also makes available to the customer.

8 online news agency is a registered firm. The aim is to broadcast information online through its web media. The other party can also promote its firm and industry by paying the prescribed fee.

9 propagates through online news agency articles, photographs, videos. If any propaganda is found to be illegal, you can present your opinion in the Raipur court.

10 online news agency website is registered with the Ministry of Industry, Government of India.